Behind the Wall

Horror | 2010
Lindy Booth, Lawrence Dane, James Thomas

At the tender age of eight, Katelyn Parks stumbled down the stairs to find her mother brutally murdered in their lighthouse home. Although the circumstances of the crime are murky and mysterious, Katelyn’s father, Christopher, was arrested and convicted for the killing.  The murder drove Christopher into madness and Katelyn out of town. Now twenty years later, the murder surrounding Katelyn’s mother remains a mystery. However, when the abandoned lighthouse is bought by developers, Katelyn is forced to confront the evil that lurks within the lighthouse when some of the developers begin to disappear.  What she discovers is a family secret long buried by her Grandfather in the basement of the lighthouse. Her Grandfather buried a man alive and now the man’s spirit wants revenge. It’s up to Katelyn to face the vengeful spirit and find a way to stop his killing spree or the nightmare which surrounds the lighthouse will live on forever.

Director: Paul Schneider
Country: USA, Canada
FSK: 16
Runtime: 94 min