The Bet

Thriller | 2006
Matthew Newton, Aden Young, Sibylla Budd

Will is a young, working-class stockbroker from middle Australia. Slowly climbing the corporate ladder, he is desperate to make his mark. In a world where status and money are everything, he makes a bet with his wealthy and privileged banker associate, Angus. With status, pride and everything else on the line, who can make the most money in 90 days and take the all-in $100k kitty? Obsessed with winning and realizing that simple hard work will not make the grade, Will engages in illicit games - trading lies for money and swapping loyalty for profit. But when things start to go wrong, he realises that winning at all costs may mean losing more than he could ever imagine.

Director: Mark Lee
Country: Australia
FSK: 12
Runtime: 92 min